Discovery Mission Vocation Bible School

Discovery Mission

The Catholic Vocation Bible School

Build a culture of vocations in your parish! Packed with fun activities and meaningful content about marriage, priesthood, and religious life. A 100% Catholic VBS program, for K-8.

“What a phenomenal VBS! Discovery Mission was such a rich, Catholic program that went very smoothly. We ran it almost exactly as described in the Director’s Guide and the kids loved it!”

Mary Pat Reed, Our Lady of the Atonement, TX

A unique Catholic VBS for 2023!

Ready for more than a regular Vacation Bible School? Host a Vocation Bible School!

No one wanted it to be over!

“Beautifully done! I have been wanting something like this to teach the children about their vocations and where God is calling them to serve! The teenagers put on the dramas & they had a ball & interacted with the younger children. No one wanted it to be over!”

– President of St. Serra Club of Cincinnati

“Jesus has a plan and mission for my life – my vocation!”

Can’t praise this program enough!

We just completed our Discovery Mission VBS and I cannot praise you enough for this amazing program. It was wonderful!! Every single one of our participants thoroughly enjoyed every station every day of the week; every single teen volunteer had a blast (I have never seen so many teenagers so eager to do role plays!!); and every single adult volunteer had nothing but words of praise for the thoughtful, 100% Catholic content. Everything fit perfectly together, from the prayers to the snacks. I just wanted to tell you that we enjoyed it immensely.

– Marinella, from Montgomery, Al

Discovery Mission Vocation Bible School

Actually 100% Catholic!

Unlike other non-denominational VBS programs, which have Catholic elements “added on,” Discovery Mission is Catholic from the ground up. Our unique Catholic VBS includes Marian devotion, love of the Holy Father, and Eucharistic Adoration.

What Is Discovery Mission?

Discovery Mission© is a Catholic VBS program filled with fun, meaningful activities about marriage, priesthood, and religious life. 

Why Are Vocations Important?

There is a vocation crisis in the Catholic Church, from priests and religious to sacramental marriages. Children need to learn about all vocations! 

Something New this Summer

A one-summer program to take a break from the ordinary and focus on something extraordinary! Try something new in 2023!

How does Discovery Mission Compare?

Discovery Mission is as good (or better!) than other VBS programs, with unique, top-notch materials, phenomenal music, and engaging activities! 


Age-appropriate lessons help children appreciate all vocations


User-friendly Director’s Guide with creative, fun activities


Helps kids see the purpose of marriage and family life


Shows the connection between priesthood and the Eucharist


Reveals the beauty of Religious Life in a way that kids understand


Helps Catholic children remain open to God’s call later in life

Discovery Mission Schedule

Discovery Mission Vocation Bible School

Director’s Kit includes all you need, plus access to 20 downloadable resources!

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Discovery Mission Vocation Bible School

Great for Kids. Good for the Church.

  • Designed for a week-long, half-day VBS for ages 4-12
  • Kid-friendly lessons about all vocations
  • Reveals the beauty of marriage and family
  • Connects priesthood with the Eucharist
  • Shows the power of religious life
  • Helps kids remain open to God’s call
  • 100% Catholic content, with imprimatur

Super High Quality Content

  • User-friendly Director’s Guide
  • Awesome music & high-energy dance
  • Creative art projects “Road to Holiness” & “Priestly Prints”
  • Well-designed Faith Formation stations
  • Life-sized cutouts of priest, sister, and brother
  • Well-written skits with “Sister Joan” and “Father Alex”
    Discovery Mission Vocation Bible School
    Discovery Mission Vocation Bible School

    Dynamic Director’s Kit Includes:

    • Director’s Guide, Art Station Guide, Prayer Station Guide, Game Station Guide, Snack Guide, and Role Play Guide
    • Scripture Posters (to place on discovery map)
    • Download link with tons of resources
    • Discovery Mission Music CD
    • Discovery Mission Dance DVD
    • Sample t-shirt, worksheets, wristbands, crafts, and more

    In Summer 2023, embark on a “Discovery Mission” to explore all Catholic vocations!

    Discovery Mission Vocation Bible School

    See a sample scope and sequence

    Discovery Mission uses a traditional VBS format, with half-day lessons for five days. It’s designed for children in K-8, with teen helpers for the various formation stations.

    Discovery Mission’s Vocation Message

    God made me to be happy! He loves me and has a plan for my life.

    The main Catholic vocations are marriage, priesthood, and religious life.
    I can discover my vocation through prayer and service—and by being open to God’s will.
    God’s plan for my life is my vocation.
    I’m not afraid of my vocation, because I know it is God’s plan to make me happy.
    I’m on a mission from God!
    When I grow up, I will say yes to God’s plan for my life!

    Our Discovery Mission VBS was a huge hit this past summer.

    Our parish has grown considerably over the past two years, and the Discovery Mission program helped us serve our growing families with the solidly Catholic, faith-centered programming which drew them to our parish.

    Everyone was impressed with how the program provided activities that were totally fun and engaging, and at the same time not watered-down, but fully Catholic and fully faithful.

    The program provided easy-to-follow instructions that covered all the issues that came up. All the kids had a great time, the parent and teen volunteers had a blast, and the parents were all impressed.  Thanks for putting together this wonderful curriculum!

    – Amy Horan, DRE

    Get the only Catholic Vacation Bible School (VBS) for Vocations!

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