About Discovery Mission

The goal of Discovery Mission is to let children know that God has a plan for their lives, educate them about Catholic vocations, and encourage them to say yes to Jesus!

Discovery Mission uses a traditional VBS format, with half-day lessons for five days. It’s designed for children in K-8, with teen helpers for the various formation stations.

Discovery Mission is every bit as fun and engaging as some of the “big players” in the VBS market. It’s 100% Catholic, and is focused on teaching kids about marriage, priesthood, and religious life.

Discovery Mission is not just good for kids, it’s good for the Church!

The “Vocation Message” in Discovery Mission:

  • God made me to be happy! He loves me and has a plan for my life.
  • God’s plan for my life is my vocation.
  • The main Catholic vocations are marriage, priesthood, and religious life.
  • I can discover my vocation through prayer and service—and by being open to God’s will.
  • I’m not afraid of my vocation, because I know it is God’s plan to make me happy.
  • When I grow up, I will say yes to God’s plan for my life!
  • I’m on a mission from God!